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Biography ...

While growing up down on the farm in rural Eastern Ontario, Pat asked his folks for a guitar. So, one day after school got out, they took him off to the local department store, where some deep thinker advised mom and pop that Pat should probably be taking piano lessons before bothering with any electric twanger. One "To hell with that! I wanna be Elvis, not Liberace!" later and Pat and his parents were back in the car, guitarless.

This didn't stop Pat, though. He continued to nourish a love for all things guitar through high school and university, where he became known in residence as "that guy always cranking The Who, Tom Petty, and Van Halen." As soon as he freed himself from the bondage of academia, he bought a guitar with his first cheque from his first job, immediately began music lessons, and was promptly bitten by the songwriting bug.

Fast forward 15 years and Pat is still playing and writing jangly, guitar-driven folk-rock and acoustic blues. He still lives in Eastern Ontario, albeit now in a hamlet called Charleston between Ottawa and Kingston, but he's come a long way from that first guitar. He has now become a guitar teacher himself, both locally and with both the prestigious National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, Connecticut and the premier Internet music instruction site, WorkshopLive.com. His debut instruction book, Beginning Fingerstyle: Arranging and Technique for Guitar was released in 2005 on the Alfred Publishing imprint.

Pat has also built a following by playing upto 80 gigs a year since the late 1990s. He released his debut CD in 2003, Songs from the Town Boredom Built, and has just followed it up with Pitchin' Day, which has a rural rock feel somewhere between Mississippi John Hurt and Tom Petty, or Mance Lipscomb and Stephen Stills.

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E-mail: pat@patjohnson.ca
Phone: 613-924-1904
Address: 582 County Park Road
Athens, Ontario, Canada
K0E 1B0


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