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Beginning Fingerstyle Arranging & Technique for Guitar
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Beginning Fingerstyle Arranging & Technique for Guitar

A supplement to The Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Method

  • Works with any method
  • A thorough, step-by-step introduction to arranging for solo fingerstyle guitar
  • Easy-to-understand theory lessons
  • Picking patterns and left- and right-hand techniques
  • Alternate tunings
  • Lots of examples in standard music notation and tablature
  • Includes CD with all examples
Also available at...

Brockville ...

- Mr. C's Music - Kent Plaza
- Leeds County Books - King Street

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- www.Amazon.com


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Beginning Fingerstyle Arranging & Technique for Guitar

Table of contents...

CHAPTER 1 - Getting Started

Musical Pitches and the Fretboard
Standard Music Notation
Reading Chord and Fretboard Diagrams
Left Hand
Right Hand

CHAPTER 2 - Basic Arrangement

Billy the Kid-Lead Sheet
Monotonic Bass
Billy the Kid-Monotonic Bass Arrangement
Glory Glory (Since I've Laid My Burden Down)
Monotonic Bass
Block Chord Arrangements
Billy the Kid-Block Chord Arrangement
Glory Glory (Since I've Laid My Burden Down)
Block Chord Arrangement

CHAPTER 3 - The Major Scale and Chord Theory

Chord Theory: Major and Minor Triads
Diatonic Harmony
Keys CHAPTER 4 - Travis Picking & Alternating Bass Getting that Travis Sound
Glory Glory (Since I've Laid My Burden Down)
Alternating Bass Arrangement
Billy the Kid-Alternating Bass Arrangement

CHAPTER 5 - Ear Candy

Glory Glory (Since I've Laid My Burden Down)
Syncopated Melody
Picking Patterns
Corrinna, Corrinna
Z Rhymes with Ned
Walking the Bass
Frère Jacques-Walking Bass Arrangement
Harmonizing the Melody
Corrinna, Corrinna-Melody Harmonized in 3rds
Corrinna, Corrinna-Melody Harmonized in 6ths
Musical Expression
CHAPTER 6 - Left Hand Techniques
A-Tiske A-Tasket
Swinging the Eighths
A Boot My Size

CHAPTER 7 - Harmonics

Left-Hand Harmonic Technique
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore-Harmonics
Right-Hand Harmonic Techniques
Greensleeves-Artificial Harmonics
Kissing Bells-Artificial Harmonics

CHAPTER 8 - More Theory for Arrangers

Relative Natural Minor
Key Signatures
Circle of 5ths
Parallel Natural Minor Scale
Oh, Sinner Man-Arrangement in A Minor

CHAPTER 9 - Advanced Arranging Tools

Melody in the Bass
Greensleeves-Melody in the Bass
Changing Time Signatures
Corrinna, Corrinna-Travis Picking in 3/4
Corrinna, Corrinna-Travis Picking in 6/8
Chord Substitutions
A-Tisket, A-Tasket-With Chord Substitutions
Billy the Kid

CHAPTER 10 - Alternate Tunings

Drop D Tuning: D-A-D-G-B-E
Ticket y-Boo Tood-Drop D Tuning
Camptown Races-Drop D Tuning
Open G Tuning: D-G-D-G-B-D
Yankee Doodle-Open G Tuning
Open D Tuning: D-A-D-F# -A-D
Jesus on the Mainline-Open D Tuning
Amazing Grace-Open D Tuning

CHAPTER 11 - Cross-String Techniques

Li'! Liza Jane-Cross-String Arrangement


Arrangement I-Arrangement Blues
Arrangement Blues
Arrangement 2-Big Yellow Lunch Box
Big Yellow Lunch Box
Arrangement 3-Mr. C's Blues
Mr. C's Blues-Drop D Tuning


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