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  • Hi Pat,

    Just wanted to say you were great at the Dragon yesterday! I am listening to your CD right now...
    We will watch the website for shows and hopefully catch you again soon!

    Denise & Jo

    posted by Denise Bedell-Bleeker Mon May 3/10 7:22 AM -

  • Great job on the HPP album. Tuba solo's rule!

    posted by Ashley Fri Jun 26/09 3:42 PM -

  • Well, Pat I am still here at NGW. Things are going well. I cannot thank you enough for your excellent instruction and patience. You pointed me in a fine direction.

    I hope your upcoming gigs go well back home. I will be listening to your CDs on the ride back to Iowa. If I am ever in your neighborhood, I will check out your schedule.

    Best Wishes,
    Mike Rosenfeld

    posted by Mike Rosenfeld Tue Jul 29/08 8:36 PM -

  • Hi Pat.

    Remember me? I had a great time in your class at the National Guitar Workshop. Each day was filled with clearly explained, easy to remember guitar knowledge.

    Thanks again, Jim Dooley

    posted by Jim Dooley Tue Jul 22/08 9:56 PM -

  • "To hell with that! I wanna be Elvis, not Liberace!" What a great line! I love it. Too bad I had to go get in an accident, we'll see you soon.

    posted by Chris Wed Mar 5/08 9:41 PM -

  • Hi Pat, we heard you play at the branch last Friday and bought your cd that night. Just wanted to let you know that we love it! We're moving to the east coast soon...hope to see you there sometime.

    posted by Sara Tue Feb 26/08 5:12 PM -

  • Hey Pat, It was great talking to you today at Mr.C`s. I`m looking forward to learning and playing the blues as much as I like to listen to it. And I think i`ve found the right teacher!! See you soon for lessons.

    posted by Luke A. Langlois Tue Feb 12/08 5:27 PM -

  • Pat

    Great to see that you are making a great career of something that you love doing and something that you are really great at. Love your music now as I have since I met you.


    posted by Tracy Perrin Tue Jan 22/08 5:12 PM -

  • Pat, great meeting you at the NGW last week. You are an excellent teacher with the patience of a saint. Really enjoying the CDs, gives me something to shoot for.

    posted by Fred Ball Tue Jul 17/07 4:18 PM -

  • Can't wait until the next CD and cruise.

    posted by Julie Thu Apr 5/07 12:33 PM -

  • Hi Pat - The site looks great!! Hope the good times and good rhythm are flowing!

    ~ L

    posted by Lynnette Mon Jan 22/07 4:0 PM -

  • the redesigned page looks good. congratulations on the new cd. hope all is well. merry xmas.

    later cary.

    posted by cary Fri Dec 22/06 9:16 AM -

  • Hey Pat, good on ya! Nice job with the CD, launch and promo. I love your site.

    posted by Shelley Montreuil - Tell Mama Wed Sep 6/06 8:41 AM -

  • Hello Pat. You Were a Great Teacher when I took lessons from you. Ive gotten allot Better. I now play a lot of actual songs more than out of my book. And i did finish that Mel Bay Book 1A awhile ago.

    posted by Sam Fri Dec 23/05 8:25 PM -

  • hey pat i like your website it is realy cool my sister thinks so to i might go to the tango on friday the six teen.

    posted by Gus senneker Sat Dec 10/05 6:48 PM -

  • I like your music. You asked on MySpace for some sounds like hints. I would have to say a mix between Warren Zevon, The Dead and vocals remind me of Sam The Sham (in a way). Keep up the great work.

    posted by Ryan J Conry Fri Sep 30/05 1:50 AM -

  • Hey dude.. www.geocities.com/peavey_nova to hear some of my tunes or www.piczo.com/peavey-nova for my personal website.. See you on Wednday

    posted by Jordan Pipe Mon Sep 5/05 6:27 PM -

  • Dear Pat,

    I just love your slide playing, and saucy voice.
    Keep on your path to enlightenment.

    The Dalai Lama

    posted by Dalai Lama Thu Jun 23/05 2:6 PM -

  • Hello:

    Very nice site. I suppose the fact that my son, Shawn O'Hearn and Derek Reavie, are featured has some bearing on my thinking, but it is really very well done. I am also glad to see that I can purchase your music here at ShadowFax in Perth. We may see you on May 29th. Keep your hand on the tiller, mate ...

    posted by Terry O'Hearn Fri May 27/05 7:57 AM -

  • Hey Pat! How's my man?! Keep makin that sweet music. I'll see you at the end of the holidays. Hope you have a good one.

    Mr. Pipe

    posted by Jordan Pipe Sun Dec 19/04 5:38 PM -

  • just surfed in... well done pat

    len amsterdam

    posted by len amsterdam show Wed Oct 27/04 6:15 AM -

  • It was yet again very good chatting with you this summer. Hopefully in '05 we'll finally get around to playing a little bit. may your year be blessed with integrity and paying gigs.

    posted by Lance Mon Oct 18/04 7:7 PM -

  • Hey, Pat. I've just put together a new version of my Web site (it's a ill-designed catchall page ... pales in comparison to yours.) Would it be OK for me to include your site among my links?

    posted by Bill Ackerbauer Sun Jan 25/04 11:49 PM -

  • I am listening to you your CD right now. Procrastinating studying for exams. Your CD gets better every time I listend to it, and I listen to it alot. It is one of three Cd (Zeppelin The early days and CCR) that I can listen to all the way through. I have to say that it is one of the best CDs in my collection. I owe you a beer or two or three or four.
    Keep on rockin

    posted by Chris Sat Dec 6/03 1:8 PM -

  • Hey Pat,
    Fun site! I enjoying learning from you this summer--hope to see you in 2004.

    posted by Juan Moreno Wed Sep 24/03 7:35 PM -

  • thnx man! it does the heart good to see someone has the talent and the balls to chase the dragon! i know you will be a success and i am proud to say that i once had a pint with the soon to be famous.....anyways, what i've always admired was your intensity....keep it up Pat, both figuratively and literally..
    all my best Don

    posted by Don Sun Sep 7/03 11:45 PM -

  • Hi Pat, I came here thru a link thru Noah Zacharin's site. Hopefully one of these days you can make it to Toronto or nearby so I can hear more than a 20 second sample of one of your great sounding songs :-)

    Best of luck in all you do.

    posted by Jeff Kahl Tue Aug 26/03 2:29 PM -

  • Pat, i am a young girl in needof a headbox. You are so super sexy, please show me my favorite song... 9 pound hammer. You rock!

    posted by young headbox Sat Aug 16/03 11:50 PM -

  • Pat, man, you are the greatest guitar player in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldnt be able to play anything if you hadnt taught me. GREAT SITE!

    posted by Don MacLean Fri Aug 8/03 1:28 AM -

  • Found your site through my copy of Words & Music, plus my art teacher Kaija really likes your stuff and suggested I have a listen. I likee! I make music myself, though more classical.

    Love the music and will buy your CD when I can.

    Cory Carlick, skycron.com

    posted by Cory Mon Jul 7/03 12:55 PM -

  • Awesome website Pat. I hate to see my lessons come to a close for the summer but at least I have the fall to look forward too. Take care, have a great summer!!!!!!

    posted by Chris Kilpatrick Sat Jun 28/03 12:18 PM -

  • Good job man. Well done:) Cheers

    posted by Stotzy Sun Jun 8/03 3:35 PM -

  • Like the web site. Nice to see you enjoying your music so much. Keep on singing!!!

    posted by Dennis Sluytman Sat Jun 7/03 6:40 PM -

  • Hey pat, nice goin. I cant find the 3 min.samples! e-mail me, Pipe blues

    posted by Jordan pipe Wed Jun 4/03 9:8 PM -

  • Hey Pat,
    Awesome site, nice to see you're out gigging.
    That was great talking to you last week about the ritual of the musicians halfway house in Smiths Falls.
    Have a good one dude, hope to catch a gig sometime soon!

    posted by Ragin Flynn Tue May 27/03 8:25 PM -

  • playing at the manx in may, eh? cool stuff man! i often stop at the manx for a pint when i'm in ottawa.

    posted by Darin Thu Apr 17/03 10:57 AM -

  • Pat - CD received. Nicely done. Hopefully you are now residing in the house that boredom built!

    posted by Mark Q Sun Mar 30/03 8:28 PM -

  • Boredom gives me the blues, too! It's great to see you've got it going on, man! I just found out about this web site and I'm going out tonight to buy the CD. Good luck with everything and I will see you at one of your gigs soon.

    posted by Mike Coville Wed Mar 19/03 4:46 PM -

  • Hi son great sound and sight Keep up the good music you sure make me proud I just can't get much higher Love Dad

    posted by E. Johnson Fri Mar 14/03 2:47 PM -

  • What a wonderful website. The CD is fantastic and we wish you much success in the future.

    posted by Norbert & Denise Burkert Tue Mar 11/03 3:32 PM -

  • We were so excited to receive the email from Laurie with this site attached to it. I always knew that this was in you. You are an inspiration. We look forward to hearing you play when we are home for the summer.

    posted by Jody and Andrew Tue Mar 4/03 7:56 AM -

  • WOW, you are so inspirational! I love the dedication and passion you have for music. Keep the good tunes rollin'! Can't wait to get my hands on the new CD!

    posted by Tyler Thu Feb 27/03 9:39 PM -

  • Every now and then great songwriters and musicians appear from nowhere. Pat Johson is one of these. If its a Pat Johnson song it can not be wrong.

    Folks we havn't seen nothing yet. I may soon have to buy a second CD as I might wear this one out.

    posted by Irwin Wed Feb 26/03 4:32 PM -

  • So proud of you Pat, we hope your dreams come true. Dad sent the newspaper cutting.
    All our love from the UK branch of the family
    Christine Mike Carol Spencer Debbie Hannah and Lucy

    posted by Christine & Mike Smith UK Fri Feb 21/03 5:0 AM -

  • Congratulations Pat. We look forward to coming to one of your upcoming performances - good luck with everything!

    posted by Joan & Myron Sponagle Mon Feb 17/03 9:8 PM -

  • I've been waiting for this site! Looks great and you sound amazing, Pat. All the best with "Boredom"!

    posted by Carolyn LeSurf Sun Feb 16/03 11:14 AM -

  • Excellent site. An excellent musician.
    'Punk's not dead' Pat it lives in your title.
    danny - Dublin Ireland

    posted by Danny Sat Feb 15/03 6:22 AM -

  • Wowsers! Pat you've really done it! I admire you for your love of music. Your passion is now exposed to the world!

    posted by Eda, another student Fri Feb 14/03 10:53 PM -

  • Mr. Johnson REALLY rocks!

    posted by Michael Leibson Fri Feb 14/03 3:49 PM -

  • We love your CD and we listen to it on a regular basis. We are all so proud of you and Ty thinks he'll play just like uncle puck someday.

    posted by Rodgers clan Fri Feb 14/03 11:43 AM -

  • Great site Pat ! I'm looking forward to the CD and jamming with you again...this time I'll try the mandolin !

    posted by Shawn O'Hearn Fri Feb 14/03 11:10 AM -

  • Pat - waiting patientely for !@#$% PayPal to set me up so I can listen to the tunes. I like the CD Title...

    posted by Mark Fri Feb 14/03 8:39 AM -

  • Pat Johnson Rocks! Too bad Philly, PA is just too far to get to that release party! :)

    posted by Deirdre Flint Fri Feb 14/03 7:53 AM -

  • Fantastic website Pat!
    Hope to see the act soon!
    Take care and keep swingin' that axe!

    posted by DeeJay! Fri Feb 14/03 7:44 AM -

  • Fantastic album Pat. Keep writing music because that's your calling! Can't wait for the next one.

    posted by Matt Fri Feb 14/03 7:23 AM -

  • The axeman cometh. I love your music Pat. I can't wait to learn
    some more.

    posted by Rick Hall (humble student) Fri Feb 14/03 7:14 AM -

  • Very nice site... very nice indeed! A place to exemplify the multi-talented Pat who once gave me a glimpse of his passion for guitsr playing while being taught the basics. Thanks and all the best!

    posted by Chris Fri Feb 14/03 5:46 AM -

  • The site is awesome and Pat rocks! i'd really like to see some pictures of headbox, though.

    posted by Thuglor the fetal hammer Fri Feb 14/03 12:37 AM -

  • Yahoo! Pat "Tickety-Boo" Johnson is a golden god of music and life...and he has his own website!!! All is right with the world.

    posted by Laura Thu Feb 13/03 11:37 PM -


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