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CD: Pat Johnson - Pitchin' Day

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Pitchin' Day CD release

Preview: Canadian bluesman Pat Johnson
"Pat Johnson is one of eastern Ontario's busiest musicians, and he's marking the release of his second solo CD with a couple of special music events. Joel Hurd has a preview." - North Country Public Radio (Aug. 15, 2006)

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updated Thursday, December 1, 2016 - 10:31 AM

Like the cobbler with shoeless children Ive been busy in my studio working on projects for other artists. Nellie Holmes & the Pie Plates, Captn Tor & the Naer Do Well Cads, The Heat, Erika Lamon and the list goes one. I have been making some progress recording my own music. Two sessions in Montreal have yielded some great drum & organ tracks, featuring Mario Telaro & Chris DeZordo respectively. The winter is looking a little quiet so far as live shows, my hope is to have something new to offer come the spring. Ill keep posted.

Here's a little clip of me working out with a new toy. Annie Rae!!


Phone: 613-924-1904
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Athens, Ontario, Canada
K0E 1B0


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