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Stinky Woman Blues

© E. Patrick Johnson, April 5, 1998

I got a dirty stinky woman without any shoes.
My stinky little momma got me singin' the blues.

Well I ain't too fussy but I sure am proud.
That aromatic woman got me cryin' out loud.

I asked my little baby what should we do.
She passed me a bud of garlic and said, 'How about you?'

I ate that good stuff down in no time flat.
Well it was pretty soon I was stinky just like that.

I took that stinky woman and in the shower we got.
That stinky baby sure loves me a lot.

I scrubbed my baby from head to toe.
By the time I was finished scrubbin' I turned around and said stinky baby where'd you go.

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