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Soul In Its Place

© E. Patrick Johnson, May, 1999

Up in my little perch I can sit and play
The sun comes smiling in and I join the day
Birds flutter bye and chirp a tune
They let me know I must leave soon
I put my guitar in its case
Leave my soul in its place
Gotta go on out and earn a wage

Seems like just the other day we'd send dad and that big yellow lunch box off to work
It would be full of my Joe Louis and his Rolaids
Mom would pack a lunch and send Kim and I off to school
'Where the hell did those pastries go?' she'd say 'EDWARD!!'
I'd wipe the tears from my face
Leave my soul in that place
Had to go on out and make the grade

Now you know me and my old man we're two peas in a pod
All we ever do is bitch and moan about our jobs
Sometimes I wonder who repeats themselves more him or I
Guess I'll ask that question until the day I die
I've gotta step up the pace
Leave my soul in that place
Today's just another workin' day

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