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That's My Heart

© E. Patrick Johnson, Oct.4, 2000

Trashed again,
Smashed again,
Mashed into pieces

That's my heart,
When I lose my cool

Broken chairs,
Clothing tears,
Bewildered stares,
I just don't care.

Lock me up,
Throw away the key,
I'll punch holes in the walls to satisfy me.

There is a beast in me,
And all I see is red on red,
Should be a hole in my head.

/C#m/A7/B7/G/Bm/G7/A7 B7/C7 D7/Em
[Original alternate chords-/C#m/A7/B7/G/Bm/Am/B7/Em/]
Muscles clench
My fist swings out
I don't know why
I begin to shout
I loose my cool
I can't hold back
Once again
I'm off the track.

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