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© E. Patrick Johnson, July 1997

Left my sandals by the door and our tears in the drive way
I was burn'n down the highway goin' my way
My Bell cards got the scars but my heart it's achin'
Twenty sunny days and this song in the makin'

Gonna jump in my car and take Hwy 7
Gettin' back to you is gonna feel like heaven
Doo Doo's etc.

Connecticut's alright its been sunny and warm
But I really miss you baby and I feel torn
There's a bald guy down here with dark rimmed glasses
All the chicks go wild when he passes

Gonna pack up my axe and put on my shades
Get behind the wheel and leave today
Doo Doo's etc.


Baby send me your photo and a little perfume
I'd really like to see it here by noon

Doo Doo's etc.

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