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26 Years

© E. Patrick Johnson, August 26, 2001

Chorus : | Em | Am | B7 Am | G Am Em| B7 Am | G Am Em|
26 years of service for not - 3x
Something's going to break down, cause you got to fill up.

| Em | Am |
Just a boy of 14 when he left home
Some drunk signed the papers, put the wheels on the road
Busting his ass in some sweaty shack
Got to keep moving cause he ain't going back.

At 27 he's got a wife, baby and house of his own
Now he's driving truck to make the mortgage loan
Before he knew it Jr. was off to school
So he settles down to learn the Golden Rule.

Now he's all hooked up at the factory
Taken them orders from a faceless wannabe
Well his hand never shook when collecting his pay
Causes he's got to stand tall come the Judgement Day.

Bridge : | G | Am | G | B7 |
At 60 he broke he did not bend
But the faceless they could not comprehend
The Golden years lay tattered, shattered all around
If they had there way he'd be 6 feet in the ground.

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