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Crime For This Scene

© E. Patrick Johnson
February 16, 2003

Always second-guessing
Every move that I make
Getting from here to there
How long will it take?

I'm in a dilemma
Can't get nothing off my chest
I regret that I met you
All I give is second best

I'll leave in the summer
I'll be back before fall
To see death come creeping
It comes for us all

It comes for us all
It comes for us all

I panic and I struggle
Kick and I scream
I've blooded my knuckles
There is no crime for this scene

What's going on in the kitchen?
You simply don't care
I could be cooking your dinner
I could be cutting my hair

It gets darker and darker
Seems it's the blues that I know
I've opened myself up
Don't you think it's time that I go?

It's time that I go
It's time that I go

- - -

PJ - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Chris DeZordo - Piano
Dan Legault - Drums
Denis Moreau - Harmonica

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