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PC Blues

© E. Patrick Johnson
Jan. 16, 2005

The silicon chip has wrecked my life
That glorified abacus just causes me strife
It's been way too long
Since I wrote a song
Maybe I should just get on

How I spend my time just don't seem right
I've been tapping on the keyboard day and night
In one door and
out the next
My future is surely vexed

Weak willed and easily lead
That's life on the internet
Email and ICQ
Gives me the WWW dot blues

I used to write songs all day long
Now all I can manage to do is log on
When I pass that screen
With my cup of caffeine
It's a low down dirty scene

I used to surf the strings and all the frets
Now all I surf is the World Wide Web
You can google my name
I'll be playin' some game
It's a low down dirty shame
Playin' some stupid game
Hangin' out on the old main frame
It's a low down dirty shame

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PJ - Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin
Chris DeZordo - Piano

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