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  • Masters are complete for the next album. Currently developing the artwork. Could very well have product in hand before the new year.

    I will be doing an Intro to Bottleneck Slide Guitar Workshop in Brockville on Nov. 18/17
    See the link in my Schedule.

    posted Wed Oct 18/17 9:25 PM

  • Like the cobbler with shoeless children Ive been busy in my studio working on projects for other artists. Nellie Holmes & the Pie Plates, Captn Tor & the Naer Do Well Cads, The Heat, Erika Lamon and the list goes one. I have been making some progress recording my own music. Two sessions in Montreal have yielded some great drum & organ tracks, featuring Mario Telaro & Chris DeZordo respectively. The winter is looking a little quiet so far as live shows, my hope is to have something new to offer come the spring. Ill keep posted.

    Here's a little clip of me working out with a new toy. Annie Rae!!

    posted Thu Dec 1/16 10:31 AM

  • posted Tue Oct 20/15 11:47 AM

  • posted Tue Jul 21/15 1:27 PM

  • posted Tue Jul 7/15 10:53 AM

  • posted Sat Jun 20/15 12:19 AM

  • The studio has been busy mostly recording other peoples music. Slowly but surely working away on my own material. Kind of like the carpenter who's house is in a perpetual state of construction.

    I have handed off the masters to Nellie Holmes for her new CD which should be release early this spring. The working title of the CD is Map Of The World. You can find Nellie under my links.

    I hope to have a Facebook page up in the next couple of months which will specifically feature my modest but effective studio. You can hear clips of what has been keeping me from updating the front end of my website.


    posted Thu Feb 5/15 8:55 PM

  • In the Studio - hope to have something for you soon.
    Writing & recording.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Be patient.


    posted Sat May 11/13 11:13 PM

  • Hey folks,
    I have entered one of my songs in the CBC SEARCHLIGHT hunt for Canada’s best new artist.

    The song is called “Shopper’s Blues”. You can listen to it and vote for it here.

    Hope you like the tune and thanks for voting.


    posted Tue Feb 19/13 8:11 AM

  • Hey Folks,
    I’ve posted a video on Facebook and Youtube to boost my music lessons.

    It would be much appreciated if you checked out the video and maybe leave a “LIKE” or a “Share”

    For those of you who have taken lessons with me (or know somebody who has) a brief yet tasteful testimonial would be great.

    Making this video was quite an adventure. Something new for me. All the music is played by me, much of it written by me, camera work, script, editing etc. etc. To be honest I’m a bit self conscience as its a bit goofy at times. I’m hoping it comes across as entertaining.
    We’ll see.

    Thanks again.


    posted Sun Sep 9/12 9:25 AM

  • Here's the HARD PUSHIN' PAPA set from this summer's Limestone City Blues Festival in Kingston. This is the 3rd year we have had the honor of opening the festival.

    posted Sat Sep 3/11 12:20 AM

  • Happy New Year

    Hey folks,
    I hope 2011 is better then 2010. Not that 2010 was a bad year, just the I hope things get better. Not too much to ask for I hope.

    2011 is shaping up to be busy. I’m playing solo gigs and with several acts including, Hard Pushin’ Papa, Blues Highwayand Bettin’ The Farm.

    I have also been working on Nellie Holmes
    CD of original songs. This project is coming along nicely. Just a bit more tracking and some mixing to do. We expect to have it for you by this spring.

    Keep in touch and check the schedule page I update it often.


    posted Mon Jan 10/11 1:14 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    Things are picking up for summer. I’ll be back in Connecticut at the National Guitar Workshop from August 1 to 6. I will be doing the Fingerstyle Arranging Seminar again. Here is a link to the online brochure
    I’m on page 8.
    If you’re a musician at any level check this out. It’s not just for guitar players, drums, keyboard, bass and vocal are also offered. You can also specialize in many styles.

    I’ve been working on getting some gigs for this summer and will be posting them on this site and some others. I’m currently working solo, with Hard Pushin’ Papa, Blues Highway, Trainwreck City and Bettin’ the Farm.
    I have started recording songwriter Nellie Holmes’ songs in hope that she will have her own CD out sometime this year. I’ll keep you posted on developments.
    There’s a good chance that Hard Pushin’ Papa will be backing up Deborah Dunleavy for a woman’s take on the blues. If we can pull it together that may be another recording to look forward to.
    Needless to say things are getting busy. So I gotta get back to work.

    Don’t forget to buy yourself and all your friends a copy of the Hard Pushin’ Papa CD. We could use a little help from our friends. Most of that busy I just mentioned is funded with thin air.

    HARD PUSHIN' PAPA: Hard Pushin' Papa

    www.amazon.com or iTunes.
    Actually, most major online sources will be carrying it.


    posted Mon May 3/10 11:8 AM

  • Hey Folks,
    The CD Release / Blues Cruise was a success. We had over 70 people on the boat, despite the afternoons nasty downpour the evening cruise had ideal weather. We all had a great time and for those of you who couldn’t make it we wish you could have. Maybe next time.

    The new CD is now available at Mr. C’s Gift of Music and Leeds County Books in Brockville. If shopping on line is your thing, check out

    HARD PUSHIN' PAPA: Hard Pushin' Papa

    www.amazon.com or iTunes.
    Actually, most major online sources will be carrying it.


    posted Mon Jul 13/09 6:15 PM

  • Hey folks,
    I will be off to Montreal this week to complete the mastering of the next HARD PUSHIN’ PAPA CD. The graphics are almost ready. I hope to get the goods off to the manufacturer in the next week or so. If all goes well we’re looking at a late May or June release. You can check out a couple of the tracks online at www.hardpushinpapa.com

    It has been a slow winter so far as gigs. Things are starting to shape up for the summer. I’ve managed to keep busy rehearsing with several bands and practicing the guitar parts for St. Lawrence College’s production of Footloose. Footloose will be showing at the Brockville Art’s Centre April 16-18. www.brockvilleartscentre.com

    Krista Cameron would like to invite you to Casual Living (www.casualliving.ca) the corner of Brock and William Street in Brockville March 28 and 29 from 1 to 4. She will be offering handmade pottery pieces at half-price to raise funds and to build awareness for the Pottery School.

    posted Fri Mar 27/09 1:28 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    I had a busy summer. Plenty of gigs and recording.

    The Rockport Blues Cruise was a complete success. We’re hoping to do two of them next year.

    HARD PUSHIN’ PAPA has an album in the can. We’re working through the details and hope to release it before the end of 2008 if all goes well.

    I recorded another 26 lessons for Workshop Live. Now I will have over 5 hours of instructional material online before Christmas this year. It is my understanding that these will also be available to purchase at some 300 BEST BUY stores in the US.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    posted Tue Sep 16/08 10:28 AM

  • Teacher's Lounge with Pat Johnson

    Add to My Profile | More Videos

    posted Mon Dec 3/07 1:8 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    August was a busy month with something like 15 performances!! I managed to land 3 dates at Kingston’s Limestone City Blues Festival with the trio HARD PUSHIN’ PAPA (Myself - Matthew “TUBA” Wilson - Glen Crotty)
    The dates went over very well with the blues festival crowd. Larry Stafford was kind enough to record our performances which will serve as a useful demo to secure some festival gigs next summer. I’ve already received the notice from Kingston that we’re on the radar for next year.
    If you live in a town that has a summer concert series please let me know we’re looking to get busy next summer.
    The big event this month is the BLUES CRUISE out of ROCKPORT.
    These are the folks I did the Pitchin’ Day CD launch with last summer. The CD launch was such a blast they asked me to do a blues cruise this year.
    Here are the details:
    Saturday, September 22, 6 – 9 PM (arrive at 5:30 – boat leaves at 6)
    Rockport Boat Lines – 23 Front St., Rockport, ON
    Tickets $45 (includes 3 hr. cruise & meal) available at
    Mr. C’s Music 342-7377 (7712 Kent Plaza, Brockville – beside Pizza Hut
    Rockport Boatlines (800) 563-8687
    Matt and I have tickets as well.

    We have limited space – it’s a boat – a very nice boat with great food, 2 bars and live music but still a boat.
    This is a GREAT DEAL normally a 3 hour diner cruise costs $65

    posted Sun Sep 9/07 5:29 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    August has been mighty busy and exciting to boot!!
    I’ve got a new Trio


    Matthew “TUBA” Wilson
    Glen Crotty on Drums

    You can see on the performance listings we’re getting busy.

    We played in Brockville last weekend during their Buskers Festival. We turned a few heads. Mandolin Tuba and Drums!! We had ‘em dancing in the streets.

    We’ll be at this weekend’s Corn Fest in Athens then it’s of to a couple gigs in Kingston at the Limestone City Blues Festival.

    We’re planning a couple Cruises out of Rockport as well
    Blues Cruise Sept. 22
    Halloween Cruise Oct. 27


    posted Thu Aug 16/07 3:23 PM

  • April is a quiet month on the gigging front. I’ve been busy writing for Workshop Live.

    It seems my ‘95 Honda Civic met with its end on Saturday April 7 around 11PM on the way back from Ottawa. The driver’s side front axle broke with no warning, causing the front tire to come off and the front of the car to dive into the road. (A very thrilling ride into the ditch) Fortunately nobody was hurt, it could have been much worse. But the car is a write-off. About 20 minutes earlier I mentioned “I think I should start test driving cars, once I get my taxes done and finish up those lessons for Workshop Live” Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Still not a bad life for a car. 12.5 years, 307,000 Km (That’s about 200,000 miles for my friends in the US)

    Turns out the car is worth all of $106, which is what I paid to get it towed out of the ditch. All I can say is there is no better time to purchase one of my CDs and make a contribution to the car payment fund.


    posted Mon Apr 16/07 1:36 PM

  • February has been an interesting month. College radio playlists have been coming in from all over Canada. It seems I’ve managed to get some national radio play. Most notably I have managed to hold the #9 spot on Lethbridge, Alberta’s CKXU 88.3 FM Folk/Roots/Blues chart for 3 consecutive weeks. Check them out at www.ckxu.com
    They seem to like me in Alberta I’ve also managed to land in the TOP 10 in Calgary on CJSW 90.9 FM Folk chart for 2 weeks www.cjsw.com.
    CKCU www.ckcufm.com and CHUO www.chuo.fm in Ottawa have been good to me in spinning some tunes and promoting my performances in the area.
    A big THANK YOU to all the stations spinning my tunes that’s mighty good of you.

    posted Fri Mar 2/07 11:26 AM

  • Hey Folks,
    The website has a new look. Basically it’s the same lay out but updated to fit the look of the new CD.

    The new CD: Pitchin’ Day is now available online at

    Go To CDBaby

    or my website with Paypal.
    Songs should be up on Apple iTunes by the end of the month, check it out

    Go to Apple iTunes

    or you can pick it up in Brockville at
    Mr. C’s Music in the Kent Plaza (beside Pizza Hutt)
    Leeds County Books – 71 King St. W

    Or in Ottawa at
    CD Warehouse (3 locations)

    The Pitchin’ Day CD launch tour was a success. The cruise out of Rockport was sold out, the biggest group they had all summer. Despite some challenges due to the weather everybody had a great time. The food was great and Chris and I were well received by the crowd. Thanks again to the folks at Rockport Boat lines for doing such a great job. I hope to have pics up on the website by the end of the month. North Country Public Radio was kind enough to do a feature on the new CD. You can check it out online at
    Go to NCPR feature

    This summers National Guitar Workshop (www.guitarworkshop.com) was a great time. I co-taught the Acoustic Roots Seminar with Seth Austen (http://www.sethausten.com). We had a great class and covered a load of material.

    In early July I recorded a half-hour episode of Junction 28 for COGECO TV. It should be aired sometime in the next couple of months. So keep an eye out for that.

    Any spare time I had was spent writing more lessons for WorkshopLive. I am due to record more lessons later this month. You can check it out at
    Go to WorkshopLive

    This fall will be quiet on the gigging front as I will be focused on promoting the new CD. With the new CD I plan to focus on venues where I can play mostly original music. This will likely result in more traveling, so don’t be surprised if you see me further abroad. If you know of a venue that has original singer songwriters please send me there contact info and/or website. I need to start applying now for a 2007 summer festival tour. Along with these projects there are many other tasks I must do such as radio, reviews, research, internet promo etc etc. Beyond this I have started teaching again at Mr. C’s in Brockville and I will be writing and recording more lessons for WorkshopLive.

    If you have a copy of one of my CDs and you have the notion to write a brief review, please go to
    Review Pitchin' Day
    Review Boredom Built
    and post it. Every bit helps.


    posted Mon Sep 4/06 1:8 PM

  • Well Folks,
    The CD Launches were a success.
    The Amanda’s Slip show was a select group of hardcore fans; they left happy with brand new “Pitchin’ Day” CDs in hand. AJ danced and all was good.

    The Rockport boat cruise was a great time. We managed to get something like 120+ folks on the boat to see the show. There was some rain but it didn’t seem to bother anybody. We just put the top on the boat and had a great party. It was the biggest cruise Rockport had all summer.
    Chris and I had a great time playing. The new tunes were well received.
    Thanks again to Chris DeZordo for making the trip to play the show.

    A big thank you to all the folks who came out to both launches, I have to say that you made it a highlight of my year and probably one of the best times of my life.

    Thanks to Krista, M&M, Mr. C’s, Mom & Dad, and Laurel Greene for selling tickets and helping to get the word out.

    There’s still a load of work to do behind Pitchin’ Day. But I’m looking forward to doing it all over again with the next disc sometime down the road.

    Thanks again.

    posted Sun Aug 20/06 1:8 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    North Country Public Radio has been kind enough to do a feature on the release of Pitchin’ Day. Here is a link if you want to listen to the feature.
    Go to NCPR feature

    Thanks again to Joel Hurd who did a great job on the interview and creating the feature.
    Thanks to Ellen Rocco who played my tunes on her Blue Note show on NCPR 89.5.

    By the way Pitchin’ Day CD is now available at http://cdbaby.com/all/patjohnson


    posted Tue Aug 15/06 10:37 PM

  • Hey folks,

    The sad news is that there will be no Pitchin’ Day show at Tango. It seems that Tango has closed “due to circumstances beyond their control”. I have to say that this is a drag for me as I have been playing there regularly since I released my first CD Songs from the Town Boredom Built, back in 2003. I really enjoyed my regular gigs at Tango, the folks were always great to work with, the food was good and the vibe was easy going yet upscale. I would like to thank all the folks who came out to see me play at Tango, I hope to see you around in the future.


    posted Fri Jul 14/06 9:16 AM

  • Hey folks,
    I hope your Christmas was Merry and went off without a hitch. As a matter of fact I hope your whole year was Merry and went off without a hitch.
    It has been a busy year for me. I saw my first book released back in April. (I’m looking forward to the first cheque!!!) I have started working on my next CD and have managed to make some decent progress. However, I have temporarily put that project on the shelf to work on the www.workshoplive.com online guitar instruction series. I have spent the better part of my Christmas holiday writing scripts and lessons for this venture. It is my understanding that Workshop Live is to be launched this week so check it out. I plan to wrap this project up by the middle of January and get back in the studio to finish up this CD.
    2005 has been a record year for me as I have managed to play something like 80+ gigs. I would like to thank all of you who have managed to come out to see me play this year. I really appreciate it. I would like to thank all the venues who have been kind enough to hire me to play; in particular thanks to the folks at TANGO for the house gig and great food. Shawn the new chef is out of this world.


    posted Mon Dec 26/05 9:4 PM

  • Hey folks,
    I hate to admit it but it looks like summer is coming to an end. It's been a busy 2 months and time flies. I managed to play more gigs than I predicted including some great festivals. I can't say that I have managed to accomplish all that I wanted to. However, I did manage to get some good work done. I have written a couple of new
    tunes and started pre-production recording for a CD I hope to have ready to release for summer 2006. As always these projects seem to take more time and effort than my optimistic predictions.
    If you are interested in checking out some of my pre-production demos you can go to myspace at ww.myspace.com/patjohnsoncanada where you can download mp3s of some rough mixed demos. I hope to keep posting these as they develop.


    posted Fri Sep 9/05 8:21 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    For those of you who are guitar players my new book has arrived and I have copies for sale. The book is titled “Beginning Fingerstyle Arranging & Technique for Guitar” and it comes with a CD so you can listen to all the examples. I am working on making it available from my site using PayPal, this could take a while. If you would like to buy a copy, can send me a cheque for $35 Canadian Dollars and I can put one in the mail. For those of you near Brockville you can pick up a copy at Mr.C’s Music or Leeds County Books. My publisher tells me it could take a couple weeks before it is available online at Amazon, Chapters etc. I am told the easiest way to search for the book is to use advanced search ISBN 0-7390-3674-2.

    Here is the book’s introduction to give you an idea about what you can expect to find inside.
    The objective of this book is to help you develop the skills needed to create arrangements of music where a melody can be self-accompanied on the guitar, creating the illusion of two or more guitars. Throughout the book; melodies—some familiar and some original—will be used to build a series of arrangements using various techniques useful to the up-and-coming arranger. Some melodies are arranged several times to demonstrate how an arrangement can be developed, from simple to more complex.
    This book assumes that you have some basic guitar skills, such as playing 1st position chord shapes and simple fingerpicking patterns. Examples appear in both standard music notation and tablature (TAB), so you need not be an experienced music reader to use this method. It is highly recommended, however, that you supplement this book with a sight-reading method such as Sight-Reading for the Contemporary Guitarist by Tom Dempsey (National Guitar Workshop/Alfred #2 1954). A brief explanation of standard music notation is included in this book to get you started reading if you are interested. It is not difficult to do, and will reap many rewards.
    The focus will be on melody and how to support it using fingerstyle techniques. Take your time with this material, practice regularly, and you will be creating and playing fingerstyle guitar arrangements before you know it.

    Arrangements of “Mr. C’s Blues” (from my live set) and the accompaniment to “Soul In Its Place” (from my CD) are both in the book.

    posted Mon Apr 25/05 3:19 PM

  • Hey Folks,
    I am back from my summer at the National Guitar Workshop. It was a great time as usual. You can find out more about the workshop at www.guitarworkshop.com

    Currently I am spending most of my time finishing up my book. I hope to wrap it up by the end of October. It is due for release at the winter NAMM 2005.

    Once the book is complete I intend to get back to writing songs and I hope to produce another CD. If all goes well it may happen as early as this summer. I have five pieces I foresee including in the effort. Now I have to produce another seven or so that I am happy with. “Old Velvet Nose” and “Mr. C’s Blues” are two pieces I have been performing live for sometime now. They seem to be well received. “Mr. C’s Blues” was a hit down at NGW, thanks to Dennis McCumber who played some tasty lap steel on the number. Thanks Dennis.

    That’s all for now.


    posted Wed Sep 22/04 11:58 AM

  • I just received the sad word about the loss of Dave Blood (bass player for the Dead Milkmen). I will keep this brief. I am a HUGE fan of Dave and the Milkmen’s work.
    Many are the times that listening to the DM have made my day.
    My condolences to his family.
    For what its worth, Dave and the Milkmen made great statements creatively, always an inspiration.
    R.I.P Dave Blood

    posted Fri Mar 12/04 11:32 PM

  • Here is what I have been up to.
    I have been rehearsing with a trio. We have been working on the tunes from the CD and a couple sets of covers (blues, singer/songwriter material) I am hoping to start playing some gigs with the guys soon.
    I would love to tell you that I have been busy writing songs and recording them in the studio but alas, it is not so. It seems I have been occupying myself with this book for NGW. Another couple of pages to mock up and then the editing begins. Once the mock up is done then it’s back to the studio to record the companion CD, which should include a couple of original instrumentals I have been playing in my live sets for some time now. Mr. C was kind enough to go over what I have so far and he seems quite impressed. I will take that as a good sign.
    As if life wasn’t full of enough distraction it has been TAX season for what seems to be going on a month now, I can’t seem to get through it. Just thought I would vent, there must be somebody out there who can relate to the misery of TAX season.
    Spring is just around the corner, which means it is time to get the horseshoes out (CLINK CLINK). I hope to get a couple games in before the black flies hit and drive me back inside for 2 weeks.


    posted Wed Mar 10/04 11:39 AM

  • Sunday September 7, 2003 is a sad day. Mr. Warren Zevon ( www.warrenzevon.com ) has left us.
    I have had his newest release THE WIND in my car since it came out two weeks ago. Just the other day I got out my vinyl copies of THE ENVOY and BAD LUCK STREAK IN DANCING SCHOOL, gave them a spin. Soooooo many great tunes. I suspect the next couple of weeks I will be going through my collection of Warren’s discs.
    Forgive me for getting dark but, this is one less thing I have to look forward to. The idea of going into a record store and snagging the new Zevon disc is something I have craved for better than 15 years. I’m a junkie.
    Needless to say Warren will be represented in my upcoming set lists.

    R.I.P Warren Zevon

    Say hi to the KING.


    posted Mon Sep 8/03 9:29 PM

  • Howdy Folks,

    It has been an eventful few months since I last wrote. As you can see I have been keeping busy with a couple of gigs, a number of Radio and TV spots.
    The BIG NEWS is I have had a couple of interesting requests from Radio stations for copies of my CD. Most notably from RADIO HOLSTEBRO (97,4 MHZ, CABLE 89,0 MHZ) in DENMARK who requested a copy of the CD for Kjell Andreassen’s Blues Show. He played “Sweet Baby Swing” on his show May, 6.
    As well KROC AM (106.9) in Rochester, MINNESOTA has been using “Sweet Baby Swing” as a bumper for its Morning Show. I understand they have been getting calls from local listeners inquiring about the tune. I have received a number orders from Minnesota this week.

    Who knows? Maybe its time to start thinking about a tour. I have always had a good vibe about the Mid-West. NO JOKE, some of my favorite songwriters have come out of the Mid-West, John Hiatt and John Mellencamp to name a few.

    What else have I been up to? Hmm, let’s see. I put in the horseshoe pit, bought some beer (that goes with the horseshoe pit). I have been working on my mandolin chops (its coming slowly but surly, I saw Steve James this week and man have I got some practicing to do). I have been working on a couple of new songs (got a couple irons in the fire as they say, I think there are some keepers). Dale Elliot (www.dceproductions.com) has been kind enough to choose an instrumental of mine for his documentary series on the old railways of Eastern Ontario.

    I’m sure I have forgotten a few things and somebody reading this will remind me. But there is only so much time. Speaking of time I am out of time.
    I’ll try to write sooner next time.
    Please keep in touch.


    posted Fri May 9/03 12:56 PM

  • Hello Folks,
    I have to say that the CD Launch Celebration was a success. The weather seemed to get nastier as the day progressed but the house was packed. As a matter of fact I understand that some folks had to be turned away. (Sorry about that folks) Mark (owner of TANGO) tells me he was very pleased and intends to have me back, so for those who didn’t manage to get in, I will return.
    I would like to thank those that braved the elements to make the evening such a success. It is great to have such support.
    Thanks again.

    posted Sun Feb 23/03 4:31 PM


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